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HURRICANE Ian will hit Florida as a Class 3 tropical storm.

Typhoon Ian will hit Florida as Class 3 tropical storm

Forecasters say Typhoon Ian will become a Category 3 hurricane before hitting Florida. The National Hurricane Center forecasts the storm will reach Cuba and then head east toward Florida. 5-tropical systems Hurricane Fiona’s Tropical Storm Ian Gaston Atlantic hurricane Hermine Atlantic storms Fiona, Gaston, and other Atlantic systems If any of the disturbances become tropical storms, Julia and Karl will follow. season’s busiest This is hurricane season’s busiest time. Federal forecasters say the tropics are most active in August, September, and October, with September 10 being the peak. The National Weather Service in Slidell says 80% of Gulf Coast systems formed during this time.

Hurricanes categories:
Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind categories are:

38-mph tropical depression
39-73 mph hurricane
74 to 95 mph
96 to 110 mph
111 to 129 mph
130-156 mph
157 mph or more

National Weather Service advice for preparing for the season:

Make a kit. Include these 60+ nonperishable products.
Check flashlights, generators, and storm shutters.
Plan how you’ll get in touch and where you’ll go in an emergency with family or friends. Here’s how to evacuate.
Plan a backup evacuation route. Here are 15 pre-evacuation tasks.
Pets need plans.

Check your generator for maintenance. Generator safety advice.
Do your car’s maintenance.
Check your insurance.
Keep your trees trimmed to prevent damaged limbs. Dan Gill gives gardening advice.
Prepare to board windows against flying debris.


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