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Cowboys at Eagles 2022 – Champions Now

The Eagles are 6-0 for just the third season in franchise history and the first since 2004 when they beat the Dallas Cowboys at Eagles 2022 with 26-17.

Check out the summary of the Cowboys game below! The Eagles scored a goal and carried over into the second half.

First quarter

Cowboys at Eagles 2022 1
  • When Meek Mill plays before kickoff to pump up the crowd, the defense forces a quick 3-and-out. Kyzir White intercepted CeeDee Lamb’s pass on second down, and Ezekiel Elliott stuffed it for a small gain on third and second.
  • The eagles get first down on a slant from Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith. But Dorance Armstrong’s sack ended the action and forced the Eagles to punt with 10:56 left in the first quarter.
  • The Cowboys got the first touchdown of the game when Cooper Rush’s 8-yard pass to Tony Pollard, but that was after safety Marcus Epps broke the water on third-and-four with a pass intended for a tight end, Peyton Hendershot.

The Eagles take over at their own 20 with 7:31 left in the quarter.

The Eagles’ first explosive game came from tight end Jack Stoll. The offense hit the tight end on a short interception for a 21-yard gain. The Eagles attempted a fourth-down, fourth-and-3 from the Cowboys’ 38, and converted it as Hurts completed a short pass to AJ Brown for an 11-yard gain at Dallas’ 27. Hurt extended the drive again with a hidden QB on third-and-1 to get the ball at the 16-yard line. On fourth-and-4, the Eagles kept the offense on the field and drew a neutral offense.

Eagle’s action would resume early in the second quarter on first and goal from the Cowboy’s 5-yard line.


Cowboys at Eagles 2022 2

  • The Eagles were quick to score to open the second quarter. Miles Sanders ran for 5 yards down the middle, and after the extra point, it was 7-0 Eagles.
  • In Dallas’ first game, after being down 7-0, cornerback James Bradberry sent the ball into the air and was caught by CJ Gardner-Johnson. The Eagles lead at the Dallas 44.
  • The Eagles took advantage of the turnover by hitting the Cowboys with first-down runs by Miles Sanders and Boston Scott. Then, on third-and-3, Hurts hit AJ Brown for a 15-yard touchdown. It was the same game as the fourth turn of the first quarter. Brown ran left to right in the backfield and put Micah Parsons in a bind, making for an easy finish for Hurts. Brown worked his way into the end zone to make it 14-0 with 10:40 left.
  • The Eagles force a turnover on downs and the Cowboys’ next stop as Dallas attacks on fourth and first. Instead of relying on the ground game, Bradberry broke up Rush’s attempt at Hendershot.
  • IT’S GOOD! The Eagles nailed a 51-yard field goal after conversion on Jake Elliott’s first attempt after defeating the Cardinals with an ankle injury.
  • Great music!!! On third and 9, Slay intercepted Rush’s attempt up the middle for Michael Gallup. The Eagles went 17-0 at the Dallas 46.
  • The Eagles extended their lead to 20-0 after Elliott’s second field goal of the game, a 34-yarder, with 1:47 left in the first half. And, yes, the Eagles get the ball back to start the second half.
  • The only thing that could have gotten Dallas back in the game was a 62-yard kickoff return by KaVontae Turpin to give the Cowboys at Eagles 2022 the ball at the Eagles’ 41. Elliott converted a third-and-1 and 9-yard run down the middle to give the Cowboys a first-and-10 at the Eagle’s 12-yard line. The Cowboys were just short of a score when Noah Brown made a ridiculous 12-yard pass down the left sideline past Bradberry, but the receiver didn’t get two feet, got into the play, and turned it over after being checked. On third-and-10, Rush sacked Bradberry again, but the pass was broken up by the side. The Cowboys settled for a field goal to make it 20-3 with 29 minutes left in half.
  • No official injury information, but Jack Driscoll replaces Lane Johnson at right tackle. The Eagles played one game before finishing the half with a 20-3 record.

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Cowboys at Eagles 2022 1 1 jpg

  • Lane Johnson is officially out for another raucous evening. Driscoll is still on the right. On the first play from scrimmage, Hurts turned right and hit Dallas Goedert for a 14-yard gain. The Crossers frustrated the Cowboys all night. However, the battle ended there, and the Eagles were forced to withdraw.
  • The Cowboys at Eagles 2022 have scored 10 straight points to lead the playoffs. Dallas gave Philly a taste of its own medicine with a misguided play by Elliott for a 14-yard touchdown. It’s now 20-10 with 8:19 left in the third quarter.
  • Another injury to watch: safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson went to the locker room after catching a 3-yard pass from Tony Pollard for the touchdown. He was replaced by K’Von Wallace. The team announced that Ceedy is doubtful to return with a hand injury.
  • Looking for fire, the Eagles faced 10-thirds until Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was called for taunting. He gave the Eagles a first down, but they couldn’t capitalize and were forced to punt.
  • Gardner-Johnson returned midway through another Dallas drive.


Cowboys at Eagles 2022 1

  • Dallas’s punt continues from the Eagle’s 12-yard line. On the first snap, Slay was called for illegal contact to give the Cowboys a field goal to score from the 7-yard line. The Cowboys capped the drive on the next play with a touchdown pass from Rush to Jake Ferguson. Suddenly it’s 20-17 with 2:39 to go. The Dallas drive went 15 plays for 93 yards in 7:07.
  • Protecting their three-point lead, the Eagles shoot the ball. Sanders gained 13 yards on the first play from the drive. Later, on third and third, Hurts escaped pressure in the pocket to win the first down. Facing another third and fourth, Kenneth Gainwell received Hurts’ pass from the shotgun and battled for the first turn.
  • On third and first, Hurts threw the ball to tie the game, but left guard Landon Dickerson came out after the play and replaced Sua Opera. Finally, progress, as Hurts connects with Brown, who turns the defender and gains 22 yards. On the next play, Hurts finds an open DeVonta Smith in the end zone for the touchdown. Note that Dickerson returned at the end of the trip.
  • Dallas cornerback Trevon Diggs was concussed after the touchdown hit his helmet, earning an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The Eagles accept the penalty and go for a two-point conversion, but Sanders is stuffed at the line of scrimmage. It was 26-17 with 7:02 left in the game.
  • Brandon Graham picked the right time to put pressure on Rush! On second-and-8 from the Dallas 40, Graham hit Rush on a deep pass down the left sideline intended for Lamb, who was caught by Gardner-Johnson, who made a great dive to get the ball back for the Eagles. It was Ceedy’s second entry of the night.
  • The Eagles couldn’t hit the road as on 3rd, and 7, Kelce sent the ball hurtling in the shotgun, and the quarterback wasn’t ready for the ball. A fumble was recovered, but the Eagles returned the ball to the 12-yard line with 2:39 left.
  • The Cowboys at eagles 2022 punted for a 59-yard attempt on the Eagles’ 41st and 10, and Brett Maher missed a wide pass to stop the return attempt.

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